The extension   your business

A tool fit for your needs

  • Reduced production costs
  • Weekly manufacture on demand as needed in small or large quantity
  • Flexibility and discipline in your projects
  • Turnkey solution - integrated management of purchases at customer’s delivery

Expanding your business

  • Transfer of equipment operated and managed by Coup de Pouce
  • Management of inventories from raw materials to finished products
  • Custom Kanban
  • Respect of the goals: quality, quantity and deadline
  • Continuous improvement of production techniques ensuring the right price

A team at your service

  • A dedicated team to meet your custom needs
  • Personalized service
  • Social development through the development of practical skills for young people with learning difficulties

A support for your sporadic needs

  • Production error correction
  • Assistance in case of surplus and exceeded production
  • Quality control of your projects from the outside